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Keep Your Pets Healthy & Vibrant!

A Pet Soak, Just For Them! Helps to annihilate free radicals and can assist in reducing inflammation and support the immune system


Antioxidants for Puppies

Puppies are still building their immunity and getting the required vaccinations to support their health.
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Antioxidants for Adult Dogs

Many adult dogs from 3 years old on start to build up free radicals It is important to provide the antioxidants that can neutralize these free radicals for a healthier immune system as they age
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Antioxidants for Senior Dogs

As our furry friends age, understandably, their immunity needs more assistance. Here are the antioxidants that can benefit senior dogs.
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The tool to help ensure your
pet lives a life full of health
and vitality at any age.

As a pet parent, we know you care about your pet’s health.Our natural premium product is safe, gentle and effective, a revolutionary topical solution packed with micronutrients and minerals. Nutrient Touch supports your goals to keep your pet healthy and strong.

The Ingredients

With our Nutrient Touch product, we are fulfilling on our belief that pets deserve
to live the good life that nature intended.

Application is easy!

Each packet makes two gallons. Take entire packet and mix with
warm water. Heat to no more than 80 degrees. Fill bottle and squirt.
Apply solution starting at the head and working to the tail, making
sure to lift fur behind the neck, hips and joints. Let dry naturally. You
can also use an entire packet to make a shallow bath up to two

If you shampoo your pet first, make sure they are rinsed well before
applying our micronutrient and mineral solution.

May Assist With:

  • Relieving Joint Pain
  • Increased Mobility
  • Boost Energy
  • Enhancing Mood
  • Improved Sleep
  • Relieving Stress
  • Aiding Metabolism
  • Extending Longevity
  • Neutralizing Free Radicals
  • Immune Support