The Monumental Science Behind Nutrient Touch

What are Micronutrients?

what are micronutrientsMicronutrients are vitamins and minerals that are vital for growth, immune function, brain development, and many other important functions.

Vitamins are organic compounds made by plants and animals that can be broken down by heat, acid, or air.

On the other hand, minerals are inorganic, exist in soil or water, and cannot be broken down.  An adequate intake of all micronutrients is necessary for optimal health, as each vitamin and mineral has a specific role. 

Oxidative Stress, Free Radicals, and Antioxidants

Cell Oxidative Stress vs Free Radicals vs Antioxidants

Oxidation is a normal and necessary process that takes place in your pet's body. Oxidative stress, on the other hand, occurs when there’s an imbalance between free radical activity and antioxidant activity.

Too many free radicals can start doing damage to cells, DNA, organs, and can lead to a vast number of diseases over time. 

Antioxidants are molecules that can help your body fight off harmful free radicals, which have been linked to health conditions. 


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Nutrient Touch

Nutrient Touch LogoNutrient Touch is a pioneering pet wellness company committed to revolutionizing the health and happiness of pets through advanced antioxidant micronutrient therapy. Our primary focus is on developing and delivering transdermal solutions that optimize the well-being of dogs.
Nutrient Touch's mission is to provide natural and effective pet wellness solutions, leveraging cutting-edge science and a commitment to pet health. We strive to be at the forefront of transdermal antioxidant therapy, ensuring pets lead happy, healthy lives. 

Our all-natural patent-pending formulation of antioxidants and micronutrients helps ease everyday joint stiffness and inflammation for dogs at all stages of life. Nutrient Touch was formulated by scientists who specialized in advanced antioxidant science from Premier Micronutrient Corporation. 

About Premier Micronutrient Corporation (PMC)

U.S. Department of Defense and NASA logosPremier Micronutrient Corporation (PMC) was founded in 2000 to develop formulations in cooperation with the Department of Defense and NASA.

Since its inception, PMC has worked with the Marine Corps Systems Command and contracted PMC to adapt its formulations to help protect high-risk military personnel. PMC operated for more than 10 years developing protective products and conducting research for the Department of Defense.

Premier Micronutrient Corporation Logo
PMC received Congressional support leading to eleven studies that have demonstrated the validity of PMC's formulations that can assist with decreasing oxidative damage, help improve immune function, help reduce inflammation, can protect against neurologic symptoms and recovery from concussions, assist with recovery from hearing and balance disorders, assist with the reversal of vascular disease and lipid abnormalities, and can protect against hostile environmental factors such as radiation. The products have been shown to be completely safe in all studies and in more than 10 years of public consumption.

Peer-Reviewed Publications and Patents

Peer reviewed research and patents

Below are some of the peer-reviewed publications and patents that contributed to the antioxidant science and formulation of Nutrient Touch by the PHD scientists at PMC:

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